Storm Chaser Risks Life To Pursue America’s Wildest Weather

30 grudnia 2020

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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO AVAILABLE WESTON MISSOURI JUNE 29 Stacked images of lightning and fireflies during a tornado warned supercell pictured in Weston Missouri 29 June 2014 A STORM chaser travels tens of thousands of miles to document Americas wildest weather Encountering lightning storms and erratic tornados are all in a days work for Jason Weingart who has been chasing massive storm systems across America since 2009 Danger is unavoidable in the storm chasing business and Jason contends with lightning bolts containing anywhere between 100 million and one billion volts every time he sets off in pursuit of a storm Despite the risks Jason has never thought about settling down for the quiet life Image 294916800 License Rights managed Restrictions Model Release no Credit line Profimedia Barcroft Media


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